Price Schedule / Fees

In order to ensure that our clients receive maximum ROI, our pricing model is fair and competitive. 

We work on a No Hit / No Fee philosophy.  Not only does this reduce the risk to you, it also guarantees that we are relentless in pursuit of locates. 

Secondly, we understand that Self-Employed individuals represent a challenge when it comes to judgments.  As a courtesy to our clients, our Skip-Tracers are trained to ask if the individual is a 1099 employee.  Self employed locates are still recorded, flagged as such, and passed on to you FREE of charge.  This is unprecedented in the industry, but demonstrates our determination to bringing the best possible service to our clients.  The remaining locates will be billed at only $44.00 each.  This is up to $30.00 less than some of our competitors. 

Make PinPoint your first, and only choice for Verified POE.

*Results are guaranteed to be accurate.


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